We have worked with many online casino clients and partners, but the following have been the most notable among them.

Amsterdams Casino

Amsterdams Casino is one of our favorite clients, and it has been a pleasure working with them since the very first time. They were our first major online gaming casino and requested our web development services. They were also starting out, and it took a lot of confidence in both parties to agree to work together. They shared our vision, and we shared theirs. We built their website to utter perfection they said. It was beautiful, simple and most of all, user-friendly. The first time players to the site rarely if ever go to play anywhere else since the graphics are superb, and access to every corner of the website is smooth. Twee D put a lot of effort into this site since it would set the tone for our future clients. Amsterdam Casino says it has never thought of working with another developer, and that is a real honor. We have gone on to work with the online casino for the rest of the period we have been operational.

888 Casino

The 888 Casino job has probably been the toughest one Twee D has handled to date. They contracted our project management services for what was a revolutionary idea in those days. They wanted to put live dealers on their site. Enabling online players to exchange information with dealers in real time was complicated, to say the least. We also had a pretty steep timeframe. However, they were very cooperative and at the end of the project, they were as fatigued as we were. Coordination of teams was the hardest part and despite some disputes along the way, we all came to a mutually beneficial agreement. We had to work around the clock most of the time to beat the deadline. We, however, did not want to compromise on quality and we followed through on that. The live online games idea was brought to fruition, and 888 Casino has directed a lot of clients our way since.


The Casumo Casino hired us for mobile development services. Just as smartphones were growing in popularity that were foresighted enough to recognize the opportunity for mobile online gaming early. We were to develop applications across Android, iOS, and BlackBerry operating platforms. Some casinos had applications on these platforms, but very few had them on all three. Twee D accepted the job and the challenge from Casumo as well. We made the applications as interactive as we possibly can, and the online players and the casino alike have lauded our efforts in this respect. We also had to fix a lot of bugs in the application early on, but the Casino retained their belief in us despite a lot of initial disappointments on our part. The application also had to be usable in addition to the web applications and having the data freely flow between the two platforms was not easy. Our programming team, in particular, fought a difficult battle in this regard. When the applications came out, Casumo’s reception of the application was more enthusiastic than we could have imagined. We have worked together on several other projects since.


Betsson is one of our more recent clients, and we had the benefit of having some experience under our belt. They were recommended to us by another client, the online casino, Unibet. The job they had for us was to update their website. Twee D’s quality assurance team were the first to go to work. They tested and retested their software, web, and mobile applications. There were plenty of cracks to fill. The team was able to bring all their software and applications to modern standards and had to rewrite some programs from the original site. We also provided them with Custom Management Systems (CMS). The systems were aptly developed by our very experienced team, but it was a tough job. Betsson had some very stringent requirements of what they wanted on their site. The work took a long time, and Twee D established an excellent rapport with their Betsson compatriots. Betsson has kept us on as consultants, and we advise them on various game offerings and many other ideas they may want to bring to the fray.