Twee D provides a myriad of IT solutions, particularly to online gaming companies. One of the services we provide is Content Management Systems (CMS) development. CMS development allows a website’s owner to operate their site without having to know how to program. CMS is installed into the website enabling the own to change static or dynamic information on the website. Therefore, a site administrator can upload pictures, videos or audio without the need for assistance. CMS are especially useful for search engine optimization purposes. We can build CMS for any of your websites. Twee D will customize your CMS so that it fulfills your particular needs.

We also provide web design services. When you log onto a website, the first page you land on is a result of a web designer. The appearance of the website determines how attractive it is which in turn decides how long you will stay on the site and if you will be a repeat visitor. We offer graphic design services to make your website pages as attractive as possible. We will work on the ease of use of your website and the functionality of the dropdown menus. A website is not only about aesthetics but also about the simplicity. Customers will appreciate a page that is user-friendly more than a page pleasing to the eye.

Applications have grown to be of important use in the recent past. Your online casino will be on the losing end of the spectrum if it does not have a mobile application. We develop mobile applications for your online casino so that your reach is not diminished. We also create applications that can be accessed on any tablet. We make the application function across all platforms. Moreover, we synchronize your web application to your mobile applications so that a player can switch seamlessly and lose no data. We make the applications interactive, functional and easy to use.

Proper maintenance is a crucial part of success in any field and also applies to online gaming. The sites need constant updates due to newer, better and safer technologies being developed or as a result of breakdowns. We fix damaged software and bring it up to date. Quality assurance is what will bring your casino consistency. Twee D will consistently put your software and systems under testing to find out their condition and perform the appropriate action when it is needed. Your applications are also put through the same tests so that updates can be made presentable to your casino visitors.

Twee D will provide project managers in unique situations where you want something specific introduced or removed from your site. We are happy to be your partners in turning innovative ideas into reality. You provide the vision, and we provide the skills. We create a plan and a schedule to ensure that your work is released in time. Twee D also coordinates work between your company’s team and other experts so that your project is finished before the deadline.

We have an IT consulting division with particular expertise and experience in online gaming. Twee D has worked in this industry for a long time and will give you the best advice you will find. You can test the viability of current or future projects through Twee D, and we will conduct feasibility tests that will give you a conclusive answer. You can also consult us on how to streamline your work processes so that your company is more efficient and profitable. We will help you criticize the quality of new products and the timing of their release. We provide you with answers that help you focus on growing your company.