The founder of Twee D is named Habir Benghazi. She graduated from Wessex University with a degree in Software Engineering. A big software company hired her, but she did not feel like she was exercising her talents. It was not a plan she had to start this company. In fact, it might have been a mistake. She liked to go to online casinos and play the games there all night. However, she often felt that the sites were not well organized or well developed some. Some sites had no visual appeal at all and were she not an avid player; she would not have stayed a moment longer on the sites. She started designing some sites and even creating simple games for the sites in her spare time after work. It was purely a hobby to challenge her creativity, and nothing was to come of it. However, a friend using her laptop stumbled onto her “work” and started playing. He could not put it down. He asked her which site that was since he also frequented online casinos. She told him it was her own, and he said he would pay to play at an online casino like hers. That’s when the lightbulb went off. She formed a small team of about five people and started offering their services a few months later. That is how the company started.

It has not been a smooth journey since the formation of the company but Habir’s leadership through rough times has been spectacular. Twee D was often offered jobs by small companies or companies operating with very tight budgets so Twee D was the best they could afford. Regardless of the work, Twee D always did a good job and surprised their employers. Given the work was simple, but being diligent and having integrity in their work are qualities that are instilled in everyone since the company started. The company’s big break was when a budding online casino named Amsterdams Casino hired us for our web development services. They were not such a big casino as they are now and for a keen observer, their rise has almost been synonymous with ours. They executed a strategy that made them acquire many online casino players especially migrants from other sites. Many visitors of the site were very impressed by the work they saw and did not hesitate to find out whose work it was.

That is how Twee D has grown to where it is now. Most of our clients are acquired through recommendations from other clients as was the case with Amsterdams Casino. Work well done is a reward in itself but to gain more clients on merit has been spectacular. The growth of the company has not been one person’s effort, and the team in its entirety equally deserves the praise. The financial management of the company has been particularly useful. The financial department has ensured the company has smooth, solid returns rather than inconsistent ups and downs. We have never had operating problems due to lack of funds, and the staff has never complained because of late payments.

The company had had many major clients including some of the largest online casinos in Europe. These casinos include 888 Casino, Casumo, Unibet, Betsson and the Amsterdams Casino mentioned above. We have also worked with companies outside the online gaming industry including hospitals, fast food companies, learning institutions and construction companies among others. We are proud of all the work we have done regardless of its location. Twee D will continue doing the best it can across all services it offers to maintain the high standard of quality.